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Yes Sir (part II-final)

Start with Yes Sir (part I)


Monday 9 September 2013

I can sense him move very close to me, feeling his body heat, his face is just millimetres from mine. Then a memory flashes in my mind. A very strong visual image of the reverse situation with Eamon and I. Suddenly I’m back there, caught in that moment with Eamon restrained on my bed and me teasing him with forced orgasms. Shit! Suddenly I flood with emotion because I miss that connection and I’m very cognisant of it. That intense physical and sexual chemistry I felt with him. I don’t want to feel like this, not now, not anymore. Forcing myself to forget about him and that night I focus on being in the moment with Aiden. It takes all the strength I can muster to come back to reality and think about the here and now.

Putting the vibrator aside he moves in close and enters me, that first thrust always feels amazing. Lengthening the ankle restraints he moves my legs more vertically to thrust into me deeply and I know he’ll be watching his cock move inside me, something we both get off on. Unfastening the wrist restraints he moves me onto all fours and guides his cock to my mouth. Taking him in I can taste myself on him. Before I know it he’s guiding me onto my back with my head partly dangling off the end of the bed. I’m still blindfolded but I know what he’s about to do. Last week I texted him an image of just this position after seeing it many times in photos and video, it looks hot. With my head tilted right back he stands behind me with one foot up on the bed to guide his cock to my mouth before gently thrusting, fucking my mouth. Fingering me at the same time I’m in ecstasy. He withdraws his cock and instructs me to suck his balls, holding them in my mouth and pulling on them with some suction. Of course I do as I’m told before he fucks my mouth again.

He picks me up placing me on his lap and onto his cock. With my legs wrapped around his waist he stands holding me, fucking me while watching us in the mirror. I still can’t see a thing, so I ask to remove my blindfold. The room is hot, steamy in fact. We’re both sweaty now and I’m finding it difficult to hold onto his shoulders in this position so he puts me down on the bed and instructs me to face the mirror. The mirror is almost completely fogged up from our body heat. I had no idea. Fucking me from behind I watch his taught body as he thrusts while I play with myself. Thank god my house mate isn’t home because I was so loud when I came, I just couldn’t hold back while he came at the same time. Exhausted we both collapse on the bed for a couple of minutes before we head off to the shower.

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Yes Sir (part I)


Monday 9 September 2013

It’s been a while between drinks. Months in fact, since I’ve felt sexually dominated. Dominated in the only way I know at this point, restrained, maybe blindfolded, not knowing what will happen next. I like being at someone’s disposal knowing I will please him and he me. Giving up my control to him. Aiden is even more of a novice than me at this, if that is even possible, but he is keen to give it a shot. He’s texted me a few light instructions.


Aiden: “I expect you to be showered, wearing ur sexy lingerie, jewellery, have ur blindfold handy, ur restraints out ready and be horny and wet! Do u accept?”

Elly: “Yes Sir. Approx what time will you arrive? Would you like to shower? Where would you like me to wait for u?”

“Yes I’ll need to shower. Have a towel ready for me. I’ll be there around 4:15pm. Have the front door open and be waiting for me in ur bedroom. Be lying down on ur back with your blindfold on ready for me to pounce ;)”

“Yes Sir”

“Good I want ur tight cunt wet and dripping when I get there!”

“With pleasure Sir. I will be wearing new Agent Provocateur lingerie not yet seen. I hope you enjoy it.”

“Have your vibrator out too.”

“Yes Sir”

A little later…

“How does your cunt feel?”

“Excited. Wanton.”

He messages that he’s going to be a further 15 minutes. Thank God, I’ve been rushing around frenetically tidying up and getting my room ready before having a bath to shave and prepare myself for his arrival. The extra time means I can slow down a little to make sure I remember to do everything.

The room is set with the four restraints on the bed, my Lelo vibrator, my black silk blindfold and an extra pair of cuffs that I will leave out to perhaps spark his imagination. Taking out the new Agent Provocateur lingerie I bought in New York I lay it on the bed to admire. Removing two pairs of black stilettos from my wardrobe I choose the pair with a fine ankle strap and choose not to wear thigh high stockings as I usually do, keeping my freshly shaven legs bare. I want his gaze to focus on me in my new lingerie. Once dressed I observe myself in the mirror, adjusting my breasts in the peek-a-boo bra before deciding to pull my hair up into a ponytail hoping he’ll grab hold of it.

It’s just gone 4:30pm, he’ll be here any minute. Once dressed, I double check the front door is unlocked before putting a towel in the bathroom for him. I retreat to the bedroom, dim the lights and lay on the bed to wait. Hearing him enter the house I listen intently to his footsteps waiting for the shower to start. Propped up on two pillows I fasten the blindfold and wait in anticipation, becoming more aroused by the second fantasizing about what will unfold.

The shower stops. My heart beats a little faster, my breath quickens. I can see out the bottom of the blindfold so I close my eyes just before he enters the bedroom. He lightly touches my body as he walks around the bed, running his fingertips up my legs, around my hips, tickling me so I gasp and squirm a little, then my neck. Moving towards my ankles he spreads my legs and snaps each of my ankles into the restraints. Hearing him moving again he is by my side and he flicks my partly exposed breast with something, making me jump. I know what it is immediately, his tie. I wanted to take a photo of him wearing nothing but the tie, but the photos have been forgotten for the moment. He fastens the last of the restraints around my wrists. Pulling down the cup of my bra aggressively he sucks my nipple, hard, making me gasp at the pain and pleasure. Seeing how aroused I am he puts his cock near my mouth. I can feel and hear his movements, I lick my lips, opening my mouth slightly in anticipation. While he enters my mouth his hand finds it’s way down to my wet pussy to fuck me with his fingers making me moan a little. Picking up the vibrator next to me he moves between my spread legs and starts to tease me with it. Turning it up to the highest setting he slowly moves it around my outer lips and clit. I can’t keep still even in my restraints. Every time he places it on or next to my clit I feel a jolt of intense pleasure making me sit up a little to gasp. Moving it around and away he teases me, driving me to distraction.

Now go to Yes Sir (part II)

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I definitely have a type…

Younger, brown short hair, tall, athletic, hair on his chest.

It’s in the eyes.
It’s in the smile.
It’s in the shoulders, chest and biceps – swoon.

He needs to be smart, funny, fun, cheeky, romantic, dominant, passionate, serious, silly, impulsive, creative. Sometimes submissive.

Love kinky sex.
Love morning sex.
Just love sex.

Love my smell.
Love his skin on mine.
Love how I feel wrapped around him.

Trust in me.
Confide in me.
Be honest with me.
Respect me.
Believe in me.
Love me.
And I will give him EVERYTHING.

Yes I am a romantic at heart. Kink and romance very much go hand in hand for me.

I swoon over these fine specimens of masculinity…

Ryan Gosling


Oliver Jackson-Cohen


Charlie Hunnam just this photo really


Christian Bale


Jake Gyllenhaal


Yes this post is a little self indulgent. I love looking at beautiful men. Enjoy 😉

Copyright 2013

Kinky chocolate (part II-final)

My cut up lingerie

My cut up lingerie

Start with Kinky Chocolate (part I)

Monday 2 September 2013


Elly: “I think you should go home sick, my home ;)”

Aiden: “What times the latest I could get to your place? For privacy.”

“He could be home any time from 6 onwards sometimes later like 8:30 he’s unpredictable. It could be kinky chocolate time!!”

“I’ll see how my morning goes. It could be a good idea though ;)”

Late morning…

Aiden: “I’m trying to punch through my work ;)”

Elly: “Are you really coming over?”

“I want to but will see how I go. Do you really want me to? I do but it’ll all depend on my afternoon.”

“Yeah I do!! If you are I need time to write the instructions! ;)”

Just after lunch…

Elly: “Should I punish my abs now or are you going to? ;)”

Aiden: “Not sure yet. If I am going to come over would be 5’ish be ok?”


“I’m horny 😉

“Me too!”

“My cock has been pumped up ALL morning.”

A little later on…

Elly: “Are you coming over?”

Aiden: “I’m hoping so. I’ve just got to think of a dummy appointment and put it in my diary just in case. I’ll try and leave the office just after 4. I’ll let you know shortly.”

“I need to know to prepare!! And I will have instructions for you. So you need to text me when you are 5 minutes away.”

“I’m going to leave my office in about 5 mins 😉 I’ll need to shower at yours though before the fun begins.”

Shit, now I need to hurry. I’d been to the gym and had a late lunch. I was sweaty and my room was a mess. Into the bath to shave everything, then into the shower to wash my hair before applying make-up and blow drying my hair. Then throw all my laundry, quilt and spare pillows into the spare room. Turning down the sheets I pull the restraints out from the base of the bed and take out my lingerie and accessories for the game. The scene was soon set.

Aiden: “I’m here…”

Elly: “The front door is unlocked, let yourself in. Go straight to the bathroom there is a towel for you over the shower. When you’re ready leave your stuff in the bathroom and enter my bedroom.”

Hearing him enter the house I start to panic a little, I’m still getting dressed. Once dressed I dim the lights, light a candle and lay down on the bed placing the wrapped and unwrapped pieces of white chocolate onto the various parts of my body. I put my wrists into my leather cuffs and spread my hair out on the pillow and place my hands above my head. It’s a position I love being in.

Dam, the chocolate just slid off my knee. I sit up to fix it and the pieces on my neck, abdomen and pussy also fall out of place. This happens AT LEAST half a dozen times which makes me laugh at the sight of me.

When the shower stops I know he isn’t far away. My heart is racing with anticipation and the chocolate keeps falling, so I do my best to keep completely still. I know any moment he will walk through the door.

Then he does, naked and smelling fresh. He drinks me in then asks where to start.

“At my ankles.”

He takes the wrapped chocolate from my left ankle and reads it “Caress her ankles with your tongue before securing them into the restraints” He does as he is told and is so into it I have to tell him to stop and move on. While eating the chocolate he firmly straps my ankles into place before moving to my knees.

“Stroke the back of her knees and thighs with your fingertips to hear her moan with delight” Again he follows the instructions and takes it a little further up my inner thighs, it feels divine.

Next is my pussy. The chocolate wrapper says “Before you eat me, you have to eat her” Sitting on the bed next to me is a pair of scissors with a black ribbon and tag attached “Carefully cut or rip her panties off and take her wet pussy into your mouth” I was secretly hoping he would make a small cut then rip my black g-string in half. Instead he cut the thin side straps and removed it before launching straight into me. He wasn’t joking when he said he was horny, he was ravenous. Watching him eat me really turns me on, I start to moan before telling him to finger fuck me as well. I can’t stay still. Pushing my bound hands against the headboard I push my pussy harder onto his mouth before bringing my hands down to hold the back of his head firmly against me. I don’t care if he can’t breath. I’m so close to cumming but I don’t want to yet. “Stop” I breath. “Next piece” Sitting up he takes the wrapped chocolate from my belly button and reads it in the low light. “Lick her where you know she’s ticklish to make her squirm” He knows exactly where that is, he doesn’t have to think twice. Licking around my hip bones and midriff I can’t help but wriggle, especially when he hits that one very ticklish spot just above my hips and around to the side a little. I’m loving this.

Tied to the front of my bra is a black ribbon with a tag saying: “There is a piece of chocolate on each of her nipples, cut off her bra and eat them straight off her breasts. Make sure you lick, suck and bite her nipples when you do so” I had placed the two pieces of white chocolate directly onto my nipples under my bra and they were now completely melted on my breasts. He cut the straps of my black lacy bra at the front and then at the sides to render me naked and helpless. Licking the chocolate off my nipples I can move my legs just enough to rub my calf up against his hard cock. I’m thinking how much I really want him inside me when he bites my nipple “Ouch!”, he keeps going. This is delicious. When he’s quite finished eating all the chocolate and teasing me he takes the last piece from the nape of my neck.

He opens the last wrapper and pops the chocolate straight into his mouth. “Hey, that piece was for me!”  I say. The wrapper reads “This piece of chocolate is for her. Tease her with it before letting her savour the taste on her tongue. Kiss her deeply before placing your hand on her throat and fuck her.” He laughs and picks up one of the left over pieces and teases me with it before letting me finally have a piece of chocolate. Then he kisses me harder and deeper than he’s ever kissed me before. Lengthening the restraints on my ankles a little to let me bend my knees he enters me and starts to fuck me. I look down at his cock and watch him fuck me, I love watching, but I’m conscious his hand is not on my throat. I don’t want to spoil the mood by telling him what to do.

“I’m going to untie your ankles” he says. Once free I know what he wants, me on all fours. My Lelo Ina 2 is also on the bed, I purposely placed it there hoping he would tease me with it when I was still restrained. I don’t know if he took much notice until this point. He hands it to me, I squeeze out of my cuffs and place the vibrator on my clit while we fuck. Looking in the mirror we are side on to it so I can clearly see his cock thrusting into me. I’m feverish by this point so it doesn’t take much time for me to climax, nor him.

We collapse on the bed that has chocolate smeared all over the place, it’s on my cheek, in my hair and various other parts of my body you wouldn’t think to look. We rest and talk a little before I head into the bathroom for a quick shower. My flat mate has arrived home, so we try and keep it discreet. We both dress and he’s reluctant to do the “walk of shame” out into the lounge room. I quickly introduce them, awkwardly, and I walk him down to the car for a kiss goodbye.

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Friday night sub (part III-final)

Start with Advertising for Mr young & kinky or for the shorter version Friday night sub (part I)


Friday 30 August 2013

Aiden arrived at my house on time dressed in his suit as instructed. He looked very handsome. I can’t wait to see him in that tie without his shirt on, hot!

We kissed hello and sat down with a drink and something light to eat while chatting about our day at work, with music playing in the background. The conversation soon turned to what I had in store for him “What sort of toys do you have?” “How’s the room set up?” So many questions. I think he may be just a little bit nervous. Since this was all about being playful and having fun I started to give him clues about one of the toys at my disposal, a toy I was pretty confident he had never seen or heard of.

Elly: “Ok, I’ll give you clues about one item. It is metal, with a handle. It has at piece on the end that turns and it has spikes on it.” Smiling.

Aiden (slave): “Is it this long?” he motions with his hands something about a foot long.

“No, smaller.”

“This long?”

“No, smaller again.” This is fun!



He repeats my clues out loud and is clearly baffled. This is our fifth date and we’re relaxed in each others company. As we talk he casually rests his hand on my leg, a gesture that doesn’t go unnoticed, I like it. We talk and laugh about what’s coming up before he leans in to kiss me. Before I know it I’m straddling him on the couch kissing him with more intensity. He starts to undress me, pulling my t-shirt up over my head to kiss my stomach. My bra is unfastened and my left nipple is in his mouth, I’m becoming quite wet and my breathing is faster and louder. Undoing my belt and jeans he pulls them down a little to kiss my abdomen and hips just above my skimpy g-string, now I’m really wet! I angle his head up and kiss him before pulling back to unbutton his business shirt, slowly. I loosen his tie and turn the collar up to pull his shirt back to reveal his amazing chest. With his shirt pulled back to reveal his torso I shift his tie so it’s around his bare neck before tightening it again, this looks hot.

“Stay here and don’t move anything. I’m going to get changed.”

In my bedroom laid out on the bed is my very best black corset, Amoralle stockings, black panties and riding crop. By the leather foot stool are my sky high “Mistress” heels 😉 Once dressed I put what was left of my clothing away and dim the lights before I leave my bedroom for the bathroom across the hall. He glances my way for a fleeting look. In the bathroom I fix my hair a little and apply red lipstick. Turning I have one last look in the mirror while I run my hands down my corset, I’m ready. Riding crop in hand I leave the bathroom to slowly walk to him with the crop behind my back.

“So how do I look?”


“Stand up. Remove your clothes, leave your tie on.” He can’t move quickly enough. I watch him intently as he disrobes. I run the end of my crop around his crotch looking at his cock and balls then his face to see what his reaction is.

“Get me a glass of water.”

“Yes Mistress.” Off he walks to the kitchen while I watch his tight little arse. Handing me the glass I take a sip before bending to place it on the table. Just as I start to bend I think “Shit. I should have given it to him to put down.” But it’s too late. I clearly need more practice at ordering slaves around 🙂

Holding his hair firmly at the back of his head I kiss him before ordering him to my room to get on the bed. Walking slowly behind him I can’t help but check him out. OMG he is super fit!

“Sit up against the bedhead.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I walk around each side of the bed and restrain his wrists in the cuffs that await him. On the leather foot stool I have a red box holding my “toys” that I retrieve to place on the bed before crawling in between his spread legs. Running my finger nails down his inner thighs I trail them along the souls of his feet while I ask him how he’s feeling. He says he feels good. From the red box I remove a smaller black box and place it on my lap, inside is a black silk blindfold. I want him to just feel what I’m going to do to him without any distractions, focusing on the sensations only. Once he’s blindfolded I run my crop slowly along his inner thighs and give him some light whacks near his balls. Next I remove the pinwheel from the box, the one I gave him all the hints about, and run that along the souls of his feet, up his inner thighs, around his crotch before skipping up to his nipples. I watch his face intently as he grimaces at its touch. I keep it light when I run it over his erect cock. I lean in to him and suck his nipples, giving them a little nibble, before moving my face up near his. Coming in close he reaches out to kiss me but I move just out of reach. Kissing his neck I can hear his breathing has quickened and his cock is now hard in my hand. I use some lubricant and start to massage his cock. He’s liking it so much I need to mix it up again, so it’s time for the toothbrush to make an appearance. I run it lightly over the head, his face again reacts with grimaces and I can tell he’s wondering “What the fuck is that?” When I release my grip on his cock he moves his hand to grip himself before I sternly grab his wrist moving it back to his side and chastise him, followed by a tightening of the restraints so he has less freedom to move. I lick and suck his head, lightly then with more zeal, putting most of his cock in my mouth, I relish the feel of him.

After about 30 – 40 minutes I’m so turned on I need a release myself. I straddle him and move my corset down to reveal my breasts. Putting one in front of his mouth he instinctively feels me there and knows what to do, sucking me hard, biting a little. “Ouch!” More please I think to myself, so I move my other breast to his mouth. I kiss him hard before removing the blindfold and sit on his cock. As I ride him I pull his tie up above his head firmly around his throat. I really need to really feel him inside me so I remove his restraints and my extremely tight corset before turning around for him to fuck me, hard.

I watch him in the mirror as he thrusts into me, he is a sight to behold. With one leg bent so his foot is planted on the bed he thrusts hard and I admire his strong chest, shoulders and biceps while gasping every time he enters me.

Were hot, sweaty, thirsty and hungry so we shower together before having some dinner. It’s late so take away pizza is the answer. We eat and watch some TV. He remembers the headache I told him about during the day and the massage he said he would give me.

“Would you like that massage I promised you?”

“Yes please.”

I sit between his legs on the couch while he massages my scalp before removing my shirt so he can rub my neck and shoulders. Pulling my hair up in a pony tail out of the way he runs his fingers around my neck and shoulders, my bra strap slips off. Then it’s just in the way so he unhinges it and gently removes it out of the way. His hands find they’re way around to my breasts, lightly massaging, his fingers moving over my nipples before pinching them. Reveling in his touch I let this go on for a few minutes before turning to kiss him. Then I know it’s definitely on again. We start to strip each other and I lead him back into the bedroom. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist while he lowers me onto his hard cock. We fuck like this, him moving me up and down on him. With my arms around his shoulders I manage to get a foot hold on the bed so I can lift myself up and down as well. This is really giving him a workout, all his muscles are bulging. I don’t think he can keep this up so I motion to the bed and tell him to fuck me from behind again, my favourite position. I do love watching in the mirror, watching him thrusting and watching him watch me. I play with my wet swollen clit, I’m so turned on, I can’t take my eyes off him until I start to get close to cumming. Closing my eyes for a second I concentrate on feeling it build, opening them again I watch him until we cum together, loudly in the now hot room under the ambient light. Collapsing on the bed we’re both completed sated.

Copyright 2013

Sunshine Award and Shine On Award

Thank you for this award, it’s completely unexpected, my first Sunshine Award and Shine On Award

From the very talented, generous and kind Anastasia AstralTravler

Please do check out her posts

Sunshine Award 1st


Shine On Award 1st


I’m very honored to have been nominated for these Awards.

 Accepting these awards I must follow the rules:

Answer the 12 questions

Pass along to 12 Blogger’s

1. How well do you eat (and tell me the healthiest thing you eat in a week as well as the unhealthiest)?
I’m pretty good. I’m a vegetarian so I’m careful what I eat. The healthiest things I’ve eaten this week is probably natural muesli with fresh strawberries, they’ve just come back into season. My vice is chocolate, which is usually daily.

2.  How long do you expect to live?
I think I’ll live to a ripe old age, probably into my 80’s. I’m making sure I take care of myself in every way I can.

3.  How do you lift yourself out of depression? Two things please.
A clear blue sky with the sun shining always lifts my mood.
Having someone kinky and special in my life.

4.  Song you are listening to now that gives you the biggest lift
Probably “I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li from the Minstry of Sound Chillout Sessions XIV. I heard this while in New York recently, it became my personal sound track for the trip.

5.  Which season do you like best?
It’s nice to defrost from Winter into Spring knowing that Summer and daylight savings are just around the corner. Happy times.

6.  How many people in the world really care about you?
I have no idea, a handful probably.

7.  Do you think most people are normal?
No. We all have our scars.

8.  Are you normal?
No, how boring.

9.  Are you a danger to anyone?
Yes, myself.

10.  What benefit doest a free rider bring?
The journey to self enlightenment.

11. Are you a rational person?
Mostly, except when I’m in love. That love can extend to shoes you know.

12.  Are you a good person?
I try to be.

My rules: None

 I’m passing along these 2 awards with an Open and Loving Heart.

The option to follow the customary rules that consist of:

Thank the Blogger who nominated you,

answer the 12 questions, and nominate 12 Blogger’s are up to you. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Blogger’s:

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