An erotic tale for two

March 2013

I received a message from a Dom in appreciation of the Helmut Newton photography I uploaded to my Fetlife account. Black and white photography is one of my passions and Newton is one of my favourites. I uploaded a few of his images that particularly appealed to me as “inspiration”. RSDom messaged me to comment on them and my own self portraits. We struck up a conversation very easily and spoke a little about our vanilla and BDSM lives before very easily slipping into writing a very erotic story together. Each taking turns to write the next chapter.


I’m a very wealthy client and your boss has told you that you have to do anything I ask you to. My inspection of the lingerie becomes more and more intimate. I want to feel the fabric against my fingers… while you are still wearing it. You tolerate it as my fingers slowly trace over your breasts and erect nipples, but when my hand drifts down toward your pussy, you slap it away. Furious I order you to your knees, affix a collar around your neck, attach a leash, blindfold you and lead you around on your hands and knees to remind you of your place and then put you over knee and begin to slowly spank your panty clad arse, building the intensity until you are squirming under my powerful smacks… You beg me to stop, you plead that you’ll be good and do as you’re told and so finally I do. Forcing your legs apart I try to feel the fabric of the panties only to find that they are drenched in your pussy juice. “slut” I murmur and rip the panties down and pull you up onto your knees, as I swiftly fasten your arms behind your back, so your breasts, still covered by sheer silk are thrust forward and vulnerable. Your nipples, already erect are quickly being pinched and twisted beneath my fingers until you beg for mercy… But now it’s time for the obedience training to really begin…


I beg for mercy however it’s become increasingly difficult to distinguish between pleasure and pain, I’m starting to feel delirious. You put nipple clamps on me and I’m in absolute bliss because as I become more aroused the more pain I can stand, and want. You order me to stand and help me to my feet, my arms are fastened tightly behind me. I have no way of freeing them, not being able to move them at all, but they’re comfortable so I feel secure and content. I can feel your breath on my neck, my ear, my back as you slowly move around me. Observing me breath heavier in anticipation of what will happen next. My mind is on overdrive relying only on sound and touch. You touch me lightly slipping the strap of my corset off my right shoulder your fingers lightly trailing down my arm, then the left. Your fingers slowly trail down my body to feel how utterly wet and warm I am, skirting around my pussy, teasing me. You’re so close to me I can feel your body heat and breath on me still. I think about begging you to enter me with your fingers, but know you won’t oblige, instead I’ll receive more discipline for being too eager and demanding.

You guide me to the bed and order me to lay down on my back. Helping me into place you secure my ankles into a spreader bar and stand back to admire me as I flex my legs to see how little movement I now have. You tell me how beautiful I look, so vulnerable and willing to please. I’m at your disposal. I’m so wet it’s trailing down my inner thigh. I can hear you moving around the bed, then you unzipping your pants. You tell me to open my mouth and you slowly put your hard cock into my mouth. You tease me with it then start to enter me a little deeper and I moan with delight…


I tease you with my rock-hard cock, rubbing the tip over your lips as I stare at you lying blindfolded on the bed – nipple clamps on your beautiful taut nipples, your legs thrust apart by the spreader bar, your pussy glistening wet. I tell you what a beautiful, naughty, little slave you are. I tell you how hard you’re making me, and how even though I like it, I’m going to have to punish you for it. I tell you how good you look, and how turned on I know that you are and I tell you that you’re totally at my mercy and that I’m going to tease you until you beg for me to make you cum. And then I thrust my hips forward and start to enter your mouth a little deeper. You moan with delight… “Do you like that slave?” I ask.
“Mmmm.” you moan. Your beautiful lips are wrapped around my rigid cock – your mouth is wet and moist and warm. I push further in, my cock feels like it will burst.
”Tell me how you love it,” I breathe.
 Choked by lust and my cock you manage to murmur, “I love it, I love your big hard cock in my mouth…”
”Good girl,” I say, as I push further in. Suddenly you freeze; a choking noise as my cock hits the back of your throat. I ease off a little. “It’s OK, you can do it, come on my sexy little slave…” I ease forward ever so slightly “take my cock, take it all the way…” I slowly start to pump my cock in and out of your throat, taking you a little further every time I thrust, filling you up, possessing you totally. Your mouth and throat feel amazing as they constrict around my cock. You are floating on the edge of deep subspace, relinquishing control completely, trusting me to push your limits, but keep you safe… You are dimly aware that the nipple clamps are making your nipples ache with an almost overwhelming combination of pleasure and pain. Your pussy is like a river, the sight of your juices running down your thighs is almost too much for me to bear…
I withdraw my cock and slowly but unexpectedly yank the chain that links the nipple clamps. Your back arches with the sudden pain… “Ahhhhh…” you cry, “Please it’s too much!“
 Watching you beg turns me on even more. “What’s too much I ask evenly?”
”Oohh, my nipples, please!” 
I take pity and release your swollen nipples from the clamps. I tell you how beautiful they look as I slowly and gently brush my finger tips over them. I lower my mouth toward your right breast, and as you feel my warm breath on your nipple a wave of almost orgasmic energy pulses all the way down to your beautiful, wet, aching pussy.
 Gently I suck on your nipple and your ecstasy builds, “Oh fuck…” you moan.
“Oh fuck Sir.” I correct you and gently bite your nipple.
”Oh fuck Sir.” you moan, “It feels so fucking good…”
 Hearing the wanton abandon in your voice, turns me on even more as I lick, suck, nibble and bite your beautiful, tender, super-sensitive nipples, you moan deliriously… “Fuck, oh fuck Sir, so fucking good Sir, make me cum, please make me cum…”


After you release my nipples and move away from me I still cannot see a thing, only feel your presence nearby. I can feel you move down the bed between my legs. I arch my back up to try and touch you with my body. I’m aching for a release. This gives you an excuse to punish me, for being too wanton. You flip me over onto all fours and give me a stinging bare handed spank! I gasp and move my arse closer to you. Another nine spanks. I flinch from the pain, my cheeks are rosy red. You soothe them with your hands, rubbing my cheeks gently, then caress them with your lips. You proceed to move your fingers to my greedy pussy and run them teasingly around the lips before plunging deep inside me. I groan with ecstasy begging you to fuck me, “please Sir!” You lick me ever so lightly, it drives me insane with desire. You lick my clit while fingering me and I’m so close to cuming but you won’t allow it. You move around and put your cock in my mouth again and I hungrily take it in. I’m insatiable.

You pull me towards you and plunge your hard cock hard into me, I gasp at the shock of the sudden penetration and pain then move into a state of bliss as you move rhythmically inside me. You fill me completely. You’re so hard I can feel every inch of you and it feels fucking amazing. You reach around and massage my clit and it takes all my control to hold on and savour the all the sensations I’m feeling at once, I don’t want it to end…


Your pussy, feels amazing – hot and tight and wet. I feel how close you are as I stroke your clit and pump my rock-hard cock in and out of you… I’m so close, and I can feel you about to cum, but I suddenly pull out of you, “Don’t you dare cum!” I growl… tonight you’re going to give me everything. I softly scrape my fingernails down your back, you shiver with pleasure and pent up desire as I now lightly caress your arse cheeks. I massage your arse with my strong hands, pulling your cheeks apart, exposing you completely. You look so good, it’s all I can do to stop myself from plunging my cock back into your pussy and cuming hard and fast. But I must wait a little longer, and so must you. 
Still blindfolded, you tremble with anticipation as I take your wrists and shackle them to your ankles so that you are chest down on the bed with your dripping pussy and gorgeous arse in the air. Completely blind. Completely open. Completely vulnerable. You have no idea what is coming next but you can feel the warmth of my body so close.
 “Please Sir!” you moan, “Fuck me, make me cum…” 
I lean forward and slap your breasts and squeeze hard on your erect nipples. “Patience slave…”
 You are so turned on you are barely able to distinguish between pleasure and pain. And then you hear an unfamiliar sound as I slide a latex glove onto my left hand and smear lube onto my fingers…
You flinch momentarily as I massage the lube around the puckered entrance of your tightest, most forbidden hole… but it feels so good that soon you cannot help but move your hips rhythmically in time with my fingers as they move closer and closer to the little rosebud that is the object of my lust… and then my index finger finds its mark and you freeze, as gently but firmly, I slide my gloved finger into the entrance of your passage…
“No…” you murmur, suddenly scared.
 “It’s alright…” my voice is warm and reassuring “You want this, be brave, be a good little slave and give me everything…”
 With a sigh of pleasure that is almost a sob, you surrender and I slide my finger all the way in. You feel unbelievably tight and so, so, sexy as I slowly, gently fuck you with one finger, all the while stretching you just a little until with a moan of lust you take two fingers inside of you…
Your whole body is trembling now, “Oooh, please, please, I need to come, I want to come…” you sob…
Your wanton lust is so powerful I can feel it radiating from you in waves… but I’m not finished with you quite yet… withdrawing my fingers I take the butt plug from the bed… not too small, not too big, just right… I slather it with lube and the tip slides in easily, but when it reaches its widest point, I need to give you time for your muscles to cope with this new sensation, “Oh… oooh…” you’re mewling now like a kitten, incoherent, with pleasure and desperate desire for release. “Ooooh yes! Fuck yes…!” you cry as the butt plug slips in and your muscles clamp tight around the narrow base and hold it firmly in place. I discard the glove and reach around to slowly stroke your clitoris. I give it a sharp smack and then a gentle caress… “Oooh, oooh, please, please, please…” you’re completely incoherent now, drunk with desire as slowly, I shove my cock into your sodden pussy… “Ooooh… God yes…!” you scream. As my cock slides into you, I can feel the bulge of the butt plug in your anus.
 You have never felt so completely full, so completely possessed. Your whole body shakes with uncontrollable desire – you have never felt so vulnerable, so beautiful, so desired, and so completely free.
Staring down at you I can feel the roar of my own orgasm building like a tsunami. 
I reach around and stroke your clitoris as, pumping my cock hard into your swollen pussy I whisper in your ear: “Cum for me my beautiful sexy slave; cum for me now!”
 Screaming, writhing, shaking, sobbing, you cum as you’ve never cum before. Juices explode from your pussy as, slamming into you my cock erupts like a volcano and a roar of savage lust is torn from my throat…
 We are still for long moments as the waves of ecstasy slowly subside, our bodies warm and soft and sleepy. “Good slave I murmur. Good, good slave…”

Copyright 2013

A hand on the throat


To follow the complete story start with A gorgeous young switch

12 March 2013

Eamon and I met in Surry Hills for dinner. It was a Tuesday night and we hadn’t made a reservation. As I walked to our meeting place I could see him in the distance before he saw me. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, leaning on a wall looking at his phone. He looked up and saw me and walked across the road to meet me. We kissed hello. We decided to go for a walk and see what appealed to us, talking all the way. He told me how sexy I looked. I was wearing black ankle boots with a stiletto heel, black thigh high stockings, a black leather panel skirt above the knee and a fitted black top.

I had seriously considered not wearing panties to dinner that night. I was hoping we’d dine in a dark and intimate restaurant. I’d tell him my secret at the table so we could whisper about it and he could reach under the table and fondle me. I wanted both of us to be in a heightened state of arousal. The restaurant we ended up choosing wasn’t intimate at all, and we were seated at a long table under a very bright light, so I decided against removing them.

We chatted during dinner, joking and having a bit of fun. This was our fifth date and I was definitely starting to relax with him. I told him I’d made a couple of purchases recently and showed him a couple of photos I’d taken of some leather cuffs and a riding crop. After dinner we walked to the local gelato place for dessert but decided against it, the line up was lengthy. Instead we bought a small tub of ice cream and sat in the park to share it.

As we shared the ice cream I told him about my no panties fantasy and how I chickened out of it. I still find it a bit difficult to speak about fantasies and what I want. He prompted our conversation with talk about strap-ons, water sports, anal sex and breath play. I told him I would like to try a strap on. I think I’d really get off on fucking a big, gorgeous, strong male (him). It would be a very dominant position, one of control, and I would like the chance to try it. My desire to dominate has been growing. This also something Eamon would like to experience with me. He had told me he has predominately been the Dom in his past encounters, he’s naturally dominant. He hasn’t been dominated in some years, but would like it. This spurs me on. I can’t think of anything hotter than dominating him.

He asked me if I’d had anal sex or any anal penetration. I said I’d had very limited experience. Other than the butt plug incident, which I didn’t mention, I’ve only experienced fingers being inserted on various occasions. He asked me if I found it pleasurable or if I disliked it was it just different. Truthfully I said it was just different. I haven’t found it to be pleasurable as yet, the feeling isn’t good or bad, just a bit strange to be honest. Of course he is into it, he loves having his prostate stimulated.

Eamon spoke about breath play, something he had already tried with me briefly. He said it was all in the eyes, and winked at me in his usual playful way. He said when someone puts their hand firmly on another’s throat they need to position it high under the jaw and keep eye contact with the other person to ensure they are ok. He kissed and licked me down the side of my neck. I closed my eyes. It was soft and sensual. Of course I loved it. I wanted more.

When we finished the ice cream we kissed a little on the park bench before deciding to leave. We were both parked on the same street and he had my underwear in his car. It was the underwear I left in his apartment when I visited the base in February. We walked to his car and he offered to drive me to mine. He bent over from the street into the passenger side to clear out some rubbish for me to sit down. His underwear was sticking up above his jeans and his arse crack was visible. I slipped my finger into the top of his crack and flicked his underpants.

When we were both seated in his car we started to kiss with passion. We became hot and heavy fast. He put his hand up my skirt, I instantly opened my legs to accommodate him. His fingers slipped underneath my g-string easily to find me wet and open. It doesn’t take much for him to arouse me. Kissing me like that does the trick in an instant. And our conversation in the park wouldn’t have hurt either. I put my hand onto the back of his head, curling my fingers into his hair to grip him firmly while we kissed. He started to finger fuck me, which was starting to drive me insane as I tilted my groin up so he could enter me fully.

I pulled out of our embrace and said to him “I wish you could come back to my place.” I didn’t think about it, I just said it.

“Do you want me to?” he said

I paused before saying “Yes.”

“You know I can’t stay the night.”

“Yes I know.” I knew he had to get back to the base to start work early the next morning.

He stopped and told me to remove my panties. He wanted me to drive home without them on and to remove them now in his company so he knew I had done it. I did so without hesitation, then we continued to kiss with abandon while his fingers went back to work. He withdrew his finger and placed it in his mouth, sucking on it. “You taste good.” That was fucking hot. I had to kiss him again.

A few people walked past but I honestly didn’t care at all.

We pulled ourselves apart from each other and he drove me to my car and followed me home.

We walked silently up the stairs to the house and tiptoed inside. My house mate was home and in bed. I didn’t want to wake him.

My room was a bit messy, I had a load of clothes and magazines on my bed. I wasn’t expecting him to come home with me. I pushed them all off onto the floor in one foul swoop while Eamon went to the bathroom. I too visited the bathroom after him. When I returned he was laying on the bed with his shirt off, looking very pleased with himself. I dimmed the lights before getting onto the bed on all fours and crawled up to him before kissing him with passion. I was still on all fours when he moved behind me, pushing my skirt up around my waist he  started to lick my pussy, lapping me up, pushing his face into me. He stood up to remove his jeans while I removed my top and bra before he knelt before me on the bed. He held my hair at the back of my head while I eagerly and hungrily too his hard cock in my mouth. I love having him in my mouth, he smells and tastes so good. I moved  onto my back and spread my legs instinctively and he entered me without hesitation, always keeping eye contact. Hovering over me he held both of my wrists together above my head on the bed. His hands were so big and strong he could do this with just one of his hands. He was putting a bit of pressure on me, it hurt a little, but then I focused on looking into his eyes and the pain vanished. My lips were parted, I could feel my eyes were glazing over in a dreamy trance and I was gasping and whimpering every time he thrust into me.

He moved his hand to my throat and applied a bit of pressure. I closed my eyes to just focus on all of these amazing sensations.

“Open your eyes.”

I heard him but didn’t/couldn’t respond.

“Open your eyes.” His voice snapped me out of my own little world of bliss and I looked into his eyes. We watched each other intently. I realized I liked being held in place like this. It was firm without hurting. I could still breath easily. Somehow it felt comforting, secure. It makes me feel something else as well. I’m finding it a little hard to articulate. Dominated isn’t the word I’m looking for, although it is accurate. It makes me feel owned or wanted, something like that. Like he wants me only and he’s taking ownership of me.

This is so new and different for me. I regard myself as a feminist, I always have been. I’m a very independent, decisive and strong minded woman in my vanilla life. This world of BDSM is stirring emotions and yearnings within me I never knew existed. Wanting to be dominated is not something I would have even considered a couple of years ago.

We change positions and I straddle him whilst pleasuring myself. He tells me to cum. We fuck until I do. We change positions again with me laying down on my back he moves close over me and thrusts inside me. Our bodies are so close, super hot and soaking in sweat. I’m trying to hold onto his back and shoulders as he thrusts hard, but he’s so slippery. I tell him to cum, cum for me. Just as he’s close he withdraws from me and sitting back on his knees he pulls on his cock to cum on his stomach and chest. I lay there watching his face, a mixture of torment and ecstasy as he releases. It’s so hot!

He cleaned himself up with a towel and we layed together getting our breath back and cooling down. I ran my fingers along his naked torso, he’s ticklish down his side. Cute. He asked to see my crop. Hmmm, do I want him to brandish this thing? I reached down to my toy draw under my bed and gave it to him. He had a play with it on my bare backside. I told him if he hits me hard I will bite him on the shoulder, I have my lips resting on him.“You wouldn’t bite me?” he said. Just try me.

It’s getting a little late so he dresses. I wish he could stay. I’d like to snuggle up to his big strong body. Feel the warmth of his skin and the strength in his arms around me. But I know the reality of the situation and the kind of relationship we have. I put on a t-shirt and panties to walk him to the door. We say goodnight in the darkness. I watch him walk to his car through the window, he’s searching for a map on his phone. He has no idea how to get home from my house. But he’s a big boy, I know he’ll figure it out. I retreat to my bed and sleep comes easily.

To follow the story go to A regrettable submission

Copyright 2013

I’m back for more

January 2013

Under my tight black leather panel dress I’m wearing a barely there bra and g-string. It’s virtually just black crosses over my nipples and pussy. The rest of it is string like. I’ve bought and worn this just for him, Dom66. I enter his apartment. He’s made more of an effort this time, he’s dressed in black pants and a long sleeved black collared shirt. I may have mentioned this to him.

He motions me to the couch in the lounge room. His room mates are out so we have the apartment to play in. I’m ordered to pull my dress up and bend over the couch. “Yes Sir.”

He proceeds to give me a good spanking, the hardest one so far. But it’s still bareable. He tells me later my cheeks were quite red. He moves in front of me and unzips his pants. My favourite part, I pleasure him with my mouth and he spanks me some more. Who says you need to do something wrong to be disciplined!

Shit, one of his room mates are home. I quickly pull my dress down while he zips up his and pants and we scramble to sit down on the couch and turn the TV on quickly. Act casual.

She walks in and we chat for a few minutes about restaurants and a new pop up bar by the harbour. I wonder if she suspects anything?

When she retreats to her room I ask him to please make me that drink I had requested in our text messages. He does so like a good Dom should (not). We finish that then agree to resume our play in his room.

The bright room light is off, a lamp has appeared in the bedroom and it’s tidier. My influence again.

Back to business.

I’m ordered to remove my dress. With pleasure I reveal my lingerie. He approves. Tonight he is going to tie me up in a different way. My arms are positioned straight behind my back, my shoulder blades pulled back, so he can start on a more intricate and time consuming design. It’s called a dragonfly. When he’s done he shows me his handy work in the mirror. I like the design and it feels really good. Very secure.

He positions me on the bed, on my back. I’m laying with my weight on my arms with my palms cupping my arse cheeks. I’m surprised I’m comfortable in this position. He starts to play with my pussy, with the bullet and vibrator. It’s divine. Then turns me onto all fours. Hang on, I’ve been here before! But this time I can’t support my own weight with my arms tied behind my back. He holds onto the rope.

He brings a new toy to the bed, a butt plug. I don’t see it, he tells me what he’s going to do. I’m apprehensive. It’s one of my “curious about” items on my fetish list. He uses lubricant and starts to slowly insert the butt plug. It’s ok at first, but as it moves into me the diameter becomes larger and it starts to hurt. I try and relax but I’m really not liking it. I’m trying to be good and take it like a good sub should. But it really starts to hurt and I can feel myself getting upset. I use my safe word. He stops. I start to cry a little, I can’t help it.

“Are you ok?” he enquires.

“Yeah, just give me a minute.”

I regain my composure, I’m ok. We continue with the scene, but not the butt plug.

He fucks me in this position. It feels strange not being in control of supporting myself, but I get used to it quickly. After he cums he gently lets me down so I can turn over and stand up for him to free me from my bondage. We shower and talk about the scene. I ask to see the butt plug. It looks far too big to me. I’m no expert but I know he’s gone about this the wrong way.

I leave for home that night.

copyright 2013