This is our last goodbye (part II)

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Friday 7 June



We arrive early at the restaurant and decide to go for a walk to kill some time. It’s a chilly night so we both button up our coats and walk arm in arm down the stairs to the harbour side. The We-Vibe is still doing its “thing” buzzing away inside me. Eamon has been playing with the control since we left the house. It’s stimulating, however I need to have my brain fucked at the same time for it to take full effect.

We walk through Luna Park towards the wharf. Big mistake! As we reach the last of the stairs at the wharf both my heels catch between the planks of wood and I trip, banging my knees and I lip my stocking (Bill Murray fans will get that one). OMFG I can’t believe it, I never trip over in my heels. I wear higher heels than these ones every day to work. I trip over my feet in my flat sole runners, but never my heels! Eamon asks if I’m ok. “Yeah I’m fine.” Of course my ego is severely battered. Then he laughs at me before pointing out my stockings have now laddered. The ladder is significant, they have to be removed, so we walk over to a nearby seat and I take them off handing them to him to place in his jacket pocket. My left knee is bleeding a little so I clean it up as best I can. This is the second extremely embarrassing thing I have managed to do in his company and have NEVER done before with anyone else. I haven’t chronicled the first incident and I’m not about to now, but believe me, it’s worse than this one. I pull together what dignity I have left and put on a brave face to continue our walk. “You can’t take me anywhere.” I say and we have a laugh at my expense.

The Vivid festival is on so it’s quite busy with people milling around Milsons Point. We walk for a few minutes along the harbour, taking a wide birth around a large wet patch on the ground next to the break wall. “Let’s walk around that.” I say nodding in its direction. “I don’t want to get drenched too.” That would just top it off.

We head back to Aqua for dinner. We are seated on the Harbour Bridge side of the restaurant with a magnificent view and we have a wonderful meal. The foods great, the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, we talk about travel, work and anything else that pops up. Oh! The We-Vibe has stopped. The battery’s run flat. Damn it! We each have a beautiful dessert and then leave for my place.

As we are walking up the drive way I receive a text from my housemate.

“I’m coming home – is it safe?”

“Yeah we’ll be in my room.”

My flatmate’s not kinky at all. I think the whole thing terrifies him and he sure as hell does not want to walk in on anything remotely kinky. It may just scar him for life!

Once we’re in my bedroom I tell Eamon about a favourite video of mine right now. “Do you want to see it?” Of course he does. Reaching for my laptop we watch a five minute video called As she sits on his face she returns the favour by wanking him. I think it’s very hot.

“Do you want me to do that?” Eamon asks

What do you think? “Yes.”

Putting the laptop away he removes his clothing before lying on his back across the bed. Slipping my dress over my head and still in my lingerie I move over him, lowering myself onto his face. He starts to nuzzle me through my g-string but doesn’t move it out of the way, even though I really want him to. So I stand up and remove my g-string before sitting back on his face. While he’s sucking and licking me I realise he’s made me sore from sex earlier in the night. He always does, but of course it’s a good sore and I would gladly have him inside me again because he feels so God damn good in my pussy.

I’m holding him as my willing captive between my legs and I’m really getting off on it. I look down at him underneath me and I also admire our reflection in the mirror. It’s very hot. Looking in the mirror I notice him start to touch his cock. Hmm that’s mine, I want him in my mouth, I get off him. He tells me how good I taste and I have to kiss him for that, tasting myself on his tongue. Running my hands through his hair I lightly massage his scalp with my fingernails. He responds by moving his head slightly, relishing in the feeling before I move down his body. Kissing him all over his torso I nuzzle his chest. He smells so good and I tell him so. He lays on his stomach for me to run my fingers around his back, his backside and up the side of his torso. “Not ticklish tonight?”

Moving between his parted legs I start to lick and suck on his balls, taking them one by one into my mouth to suck on them. I tease his cock by sucking and licking the end of it, he turns over so I can have better access. When he moves his hand onto his cock again I firmly and swiftly move it away holding it in place on the bed for a few seconds so he gets the message. Right now he’s not allowed to touch himself, only I am. Taking his cock into my mouth as far as I can I suck on him before licking up his shaft to suck on the smooth head. I’m taking my time, slowly and carefully, he feels and tastes divine. Getting my latex glove out I lubricate my fingers and slowly place one finger inside his anus, massaging his prostate while I pump his cock with my other hand for a while. This is one of my favourite things to do to him.

He tells me to get out my favourite toy and I don’t hesitate, knowing immediately which one I’ll choose. Laying my naked body over his legs I pull out the “toy drawer” from under my bed and take out my Lelo Ina 2. When I start to rise he tells me to stay there so he can admire and touch me. I then straddle him and turn on the Ina to my favourite setting, adjust the intensity to the highest level and place it firmly between my clit and his cock. The intensity of my orgasms build then wane, before building again. I look into his eyes and we kiss. As the intensity builds and I reach orgasm I have to close my eyes or look at his chest, I can’t bring myself to look directly at him. I lean down and kiss his lips or his neck. Or I rest my cheek on his as I gasp for breath. At other times I hold onto the bedhead with my free hand and push the side of my face into it while I moan. I’m hot and sweaty, my hair has fallen all around my face and I don’t care about anything else except how I feel right now. He talks to me, telling me I can’t cum yet, then he concedes and TELLS me to cum. When I look at him he reassures me with a little wink. I love how he’s so confident. It makes me trust him. We go on like this for I don’t know how long before I can’t take the intensity of the orgasms anymore.

We’re both a little tired so we have a shower together like we always do and get ready for bed. Eamon slips into bed naked just as my housemate arrives home. My bedroom door is open when I enter from the bathroom and Eamon has pulled the covers up high to hide. I catch sight of him and laugh to myself before I have a few brief words to my housemate. I close the door and join Eamon in bed wearing just my black panties. As I turn off the light we start to talk and it occurs to me this is only the second time we’ve slept in the same bed together. The first time was back in February at the base. That seems like such a long time ago now. We didn’t cuddle together then, but tonight is different. He starts to talk about an alleged conversation we had when we first met, apparently I said to him “I don’t tolerate snorers, or people who take up too much of the bed.” I’m indignant at that comment. “I did not say I don’t tolerate!” We both laugh as he puts his arm out and I snuggle in close to him. We stay like this for a while then move apart to sleep.

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